Communal Cultural Center in Zaleszany
In Zaleszany, although it has a clearly defined center, around which both public and social services have been concentrated, the quality of public space requires intervention and ordering. In addition to the thermo-modernization of the health care facility, environmental self-help house and the communal office, it was decided to reconstruct Kosciuszki Square and the Communal House of Culture located in the volunteer Fire Station (OSP). The OSP building has never been completed, and the layout and height of rooms, accessibility for the disabled and quality of work precluded its enlargement and adaptation to new purposes.

The facility was intended to integrate many functions - a library with a reading room and a children's corner, workshop rooms, a multi-purpose performance hall with facilities and a fire station. The square located in front of the building was also a foreground and a space for integration events. The functional program was complemented by an intimate courtyard with stairs in the form of grandstands. The flat, green roof of the building refers to the scale of the surrounding buildings and the closure of Kościuszko Square. The highlight is the white body of the performance hall dominating over the square, which is balanced by a dark block of the administrative part of the building.
Zaleszany Commune
Concept, building permit, execution design
Jakub Heciak, Grzegorz Krzemień, Magdalena Wojnowska-Heciak
Mateusz Omański