School and pre-school in Zaruby, Warsaw
The postulate to create an open and flexible school facility was the starting point for searching for the structure of the building. On each floor there are closed glass boxes for learning and tranquility. Avoidance of anonymisation is also facilitated by the division into functional zones and the possibility of observing a significant part of internal school communication from the gallery.

Didactic room becomes a microcosm and one of the most important places for a child. A comparison to child’s own room is justified here. We put a lot of weight into the proper design of the teaching rooms. Through proper insolation and protection against overheating, flexibility of the system and the possibility of free furnishings, proper ventilation conditions, acoustic comfort and calm interior colors, designed classes create appropriate conditions for learning. Didactic rooms are already visible from the main hall.

The project also takes into account the variability of functions during the day. One of the solutions used is connecting school dayrooms into one large space, which allows them to be used for other types of activities in the afternoon. Also the central atrium plays a great role in building software and functional flexibility, where the multifunctional stairs are at the same time the audience, the reading room and the place where students meet. The separate study areas (rooms of silence), designed inside the courtyard, can also become rooms for working with small groups of pupils

The design assumption was to achieve a warm color image and a child's school without infantile coloring of random walls or floors. We decided on the contrasting use of colors and textures, and the dominant colors became white, light gray, light brown (the color of birch plywood). The accents were green and a collage of warm colors - orange, red, yellow and pink.
Ursynów District, Warsaw
Concept - 3rd prize in open competition
Jakub Heciak, Grzegorz Krzemień, Magdalena Wojnowska-Heciak
Mateusz Omański
Floor area
7200 sq m (school + preschool)
Estimated costs
30 million PLN