Extension of the school in Praga, Warsaw
An extremely important element of the concept was to refer to the existing school building. We decided that we should not "stick" the new building into a characteristic, three-axis, free-standing block. The implementation of the tenement house on the northern side, in reference to the existing building on the south side, was a natural direction for the development of the concept, which made it possible to implement the idea of framing the building.

Due to the size of the plot and the conditions of minimum insolation of the teaching rooms, we decided to use the maximum building height allowed in local plans. The project includes the isolation of two cubatures having a different identity - a block that closes the frontage of ul. Białostocka and at the same time framing the main school building and a lump of a partially rebuilt sports hall with open multifunctional playgrounds on the roof. Such a spatial treatment favors minimizing the building area of the sports part in favor of an open recreation space around the school. It allows to create favorable conditions for playing or conducting lessons in the open air and provide the appropriate sports infrastructure on the roof of the facility.
Praga Północ district, Warsaw
Concept design
Jakub Heciak, Grzegorz Krzemień, Karolina Met, Magdalena Wojnowska-Heciak
Mateusz Omański
Floor area
3921 sq m
Estimated costs
12 million PLN