Office buildings complex in Szturmowa street, Warsaw
The office development complex between the green areas and the Mokotów campus of the University of Warsaw, completed in stages, has all the negative features of commercial architecture in the 1990s: the lack of functional connections and isolation from the surroundings and the dominance of parking lots in front of the building. A depreciated office building, whose implementation began in the 1970s, despite subsequent renovations, proved to be adapted to the contemporary requirements of the office market. Therefore, the most important project assumption was to integrate the new development, and the incentive for the recomposition was the investment intentions of the University of Warsaw, whose aim is to fully use the potential of the campus.
Concept design
Jakub Heciak, Grzegorz Krzemień, Magdalena Wojnowska-Heciak
Mateusz Omański
26 595 sq m