Końskie – Plaza Revitalization
The assumption of the project was the separation of the naturally outlining part of the park area of the study from the collegiate side of Saint Nicolas and create a multifunctional city square from the east. The square is to be a quiet place, providing shelter on hot days. The square is a place of activity that can be used in warm months to organize trade, mass events, and in the winter as the perfect location of the city ice rink.

Original assumptions to create a high quality public space that integrates the local community include:
  • respect and strengthening existing urban, historical, scenic and functional conditions,
  • activation of space by introducing an attractive permanent and seasonal application program responding to the needs of all user groups - residents and tourists, also accessible to people with disabilities,
  • proposing material and spatial solutions that can be continued in other areas of public space, planned for transformation and revitalization.

The aim is to introduce the largest possible area of biologically active areas. It is planned to maintain valuable trees standing in front of the church to keep the nature of the park. In this part of the square, irregular polygons with forest undergrowth vegetation will be created. The greenery project covers shrubs, perennials, vegetation and vines. Mainly Polish species were selected for adverse urban conditions (pollution, salinity, drought) and increasingly visible effects of climate change (strong heat in the summer, heavy rains). The use of permeable (mineral) surfaces significantly improves the living conditions of trees and shrubs located on the square. In addition, it minimizes surface runoff of rainwater, reducing storm sewers and improving local infiltration.
Końskie City Hall
Concept design – honorable mention in open competition, m
Magdalena Wojnowska-Heciak, Anna Janus, Maciej Wasilewski, Jakub Heciak
Maciej Wasilewski
Site area
33 940 sq m
Powierzchnia zabudowy
282 sq m
Construction costs
12 million PLN