Bodzentyńska - street and square above the hidden river
The project consists of three parts separated by a road, what creates a coherent urban and landscape composition. The idea is to recompose the plaza by increasing the total area providing natural vegetation. The system is based on the configuration of geometric shapes embedded in the surface regardless of projected level differences in the area, planted with perennials and annuals, shrubs and trees.

The aim is to encourage residents to stay longer in this space, limiting the possibility of parking vehicles directly on the square intended for pedestrian traffic, increase biologically active area and rainwater retention.

Plants were chosen because of the historical background inspired by Gertrude Jekyll’s works (19th century garden designer). This increases also biodiversity in the city and builds a new identity of the place referring to the old character of the place.

The course of the former Silnica river (now flowing underground) and riverside vegetation systems is symbolized in the form of long softly curved paving. People move around like a stream of water meandering between islands overgrown by ornamental grasses.

A part of the square, located in the west of the study area, has been lifted by adding several steps. This action was taken to prevent parking cars there. Moreover, it helped to increase retention capacity by using a structural soil under the foundation and the water-permeable surface, and create the character of the place more natural and less formal.
Kielce City Hall
Concept design – 2. prize in open competition,
Magdalena Wojnowska-Heciak, Jakub Heciak, Małgorzata Kałuża
Mateusz Omański
Site area
3 727 sq m
Construction costs
1,5 million PLN