House in Bilcza 2
It is a reference to the previously built house and neighboring buildings. Two simple lumps juxtaposed and moved towards each other refer directly to the sloping roofs of houses made nearby. The cavities were filled with a wooden facing in a honey color arranged at various angles, and large glazed windows open the interior to the garden, giving the block a lightness. To unify the appearance, the roof and exterior walls have been covered with a weather-resistant one-component polyurethane coating. A characteristic element of the interior is a mezzanine above the kitchen and dining room and living room. In addition to the day part, 4 bedrooms, a 2-seat garage and sanitary and utility rooms were designed.
Concept, execution design
Jakub Heciak, Grzegorz Krzemień, Magdalena Wojnowska-Heciak
Mateusz Omański
Floor area
220 sq m